Born out of a dank inner Melbourne warehouse the East Brunswick All Girls Choir are part girl, part boy, part small town Bendigo. After the release of their highly acclaimed mini album Dead Air in 2009 they toured Asia, Australia and New Zealand before spending time in Berlin, where they began writing for their debut album. Returning to Melbourne, lucky no. 7 drummer Jen Sholakis joined Marcus Hobbs, Rie Nakayama and Robert Wrigley to begin recording with Casey Rice (Dirty Three). Released in April 2014, Seven Drummers was long-listed for the Australian Music Prize. It was also voted ninth in the Mess and Noise audience poll for ‘Best Album of 2014’.

"Never is the actual song sacrificed..I’m glad this band exists in all its willingness to buck trends and embrace music that is both out of time and timeless." - René Schaefer (Mess + Noise)