Fraser A. Gorman’s songwriting builds around his wry charm and offbeat storytelling. In recent years, Gorman has taken a sly sidestep away from the country-folk of his early releases; his sound is still steeped in Americana, but this time it’s somewhere between Transformer-era Lou and the joyous romp of early Big Star.

His debut album Slow Gum (2015) showcases Gorman’s role as curator as well as songwriter – the record features choice contributions from Davey Lane (You Am I), Stu Mackenzie (King Gizzard), and Jarrad Brown and James Fleming (Eagle and the Worm). The album was recorded by Cal Barter and mixed by Dan Luscombe (The Drones).

"8/10...largely crisp and glimmering, adding a modern gild to a debut that breathes new life into old sounds." – NME

"4/5... Slow Gum is a whimsical celebration of all things Americana" – The Times (UK) 

“Slow Gum is irreverent, pithy, soulful and smart” – Rolling Stone