Hachiku, a.k.a Anika Ostendorf, 23, writes and produces dream pop with an an avant garde twist from whichever bedroom she is currently inhabiting. Born in Detroit and raised in Germany, Ostendorf can best be described as a global artist whose bedroom studios are perpetually changing. She formed her sound at 16 while on a road trip across the U.S.with her dog, Lexus, before relocating to London and recently Melbourne. 

"Growing up in a small German village (with small I mean more horses than humans) I didn't actually get to experience any sort of music scene. In my immediate surrounding, people playing music was limited to high school bands, Bon Jovi cover bands and church brass bands."

Since the release of Hachiku’s self-titled debut EP in 2017 through Milk! Records, Ostendorf found a home and 4 piece band in Melbourne. The 5 track EP was self-recorded and mixed across 3 countries using a semi-portable home studio setup and plenty of borrowed microphones, guitars, and drum kits.  A residency at the Tote last year saw their dance card fill up in 2017, playing shows with Japanese Breakfast, Camp Cope and Fazerdaze as well as their first tour of Australia with Saskwatch. 

Hachiku's latest single 'Murray's Lullaby' (2018) marks the first time Ostendorf has collaborated with a mix engineer, enlisting the talents of Tim Shiels (Double J, Gotye). She describes the experience as “the perfect collaboration. Tim made some bold choices that brought something new to the mix and made the song the best it could be.”

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